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"How well-qualified and trained the workforce is will determine the future of BSH."[1]

Establishment of the BSH Academy in 2000

The BSH Academy was founded at head office in Munich in 2000. Its aim is to centralize and professionalize the existing training and personnel development at BSH, addressing newcomers, young talents and managers. Courses are held at the new training and conference center at the Kloster St. Josef convent in Zangberg, which was also established in 2000 and is around an hour’s drive from Munich. The BSH Academy occupies two seminar rooms and 26 rooms on the second floor of the convent. The first events held at the new BSH Academy were stress management courses, management training programs, introductory events for apprentices and BA students, as well as intercultural and international seminars. When the rooms are not occupied by the BSH Academy, they can be rented by employees for conferences, meetings and workshops.[2]

A year later, in 2001, the portfolio was further professionalized. From then on, the BSH Academy published a standardized training program each year. The Academy helps put together international project teams, gets together with departmental heads to analyze the training requirements for their respective departments, and develops individual training programs and project-specific concepts. The BSH Academy also organizes and contacts external trainers and coaches for in-house training courses. The BSH Academy portal was set up in 2004 and provides a quick and easy way for BSH employees around the globe to view the BSH Academy training portfolio. In 2005, e-learning was also set up as a location-independent training measure to complement the conventional classroom training.[3]

10th anniversary of the BSH Academy Corporate

Just ten years on from its establishment, the BSH Academy was already reporting impressive figures: The number of participants for classroom training increased from 1,900 to 6,800 annually, the number of training programs quadrupled to 800 a year, and more than 30,000 employees completed e-learning programs from 2005 to 2010.[4]

The BSH Academy was regionalized in 2010. Separate Academies existed from then on at all German sites, as well as BSH Academies in Belgium, China, Northern Europe, Poland, Russia, Singapore and Turkey.[5] A name change also took place in this context from BSH Academy to BSH Academy Corporate to also stress the regionalization aspect through the name extension. The BSH Academies starting meeting annually from 2010 to jointly agree the training portfolio. BSH Academies have since been established in the Netherlands, the U.S. and the UK.


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