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BSH publishes various employee magazines to encourage identification with BSH as a company and to promote exchanges between the departments and sites. One medium used for internal communication is the international employee magazine inform, which is issued for all employees at the BSH sites. In addition, various local and international staff media are published throughout BSH, providing employees with local news from their respective subsidiary or site in their local language.

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The employee magazine "inform" appeared in 1978 as the BSH successor to the "Bosch-Zünder" and "Siemens-Mitteilungen" works magazines during the company's restructuring. The publishers were responding to the employees' wish for information about their company.

inform provides relevant corporate information and news, as well as information on legislative changes that affect BSH employees. It also reports on staff training, as well as personal success stories of BSH employees, such as awards or special activities outside of work. The magazine was initially published every two months in the first few years and then every three months from 1981. It was published in German (print and online) and then also in English (print) from 1999 to 2011, with some individual issues also being produced in Polish and Dutch. In December 2018 the last issue of the magazine was published.

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