Siemens Siwamat-S fully automatic washing machine

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The 'speaking' Siwamat electronic from 1984. (Source: Siemens Corporate Archives)

"A fully automatic washing machine for more demanding requirements" – this was how the new Siemens Siwamat-S automatic washing machine was advertised in 1969. And with 15 fully automatic programs for all types of laundry, it was also equal to this claim. A caustic solution cooling system prevented wrinkles, suppressed the formation of steam and protected the plastic pipes from hot waste water. With just two rotary knobs and a program table, the automatic washing machine could not have been easier to operate. The Siwamat-S had a stainless steel drum and was able to spin the laundry at a speed of 500 revolutions. The anti-fluff drain pump eliminated the need for maintenance with a lint filter. The Siwamat-S had a motor protection function, which protected the motor from overheating and therefore from total breakdown. A new feature was added to protect against poor water flow, which automatically switched off the washing machine if there was no water – laundry damage caused by a lack of water was therefore a thing of the past. A safety feature prevented the porthole from being opened during operation, while adjustable feet counterbalanced any unevenness in the floor.

The Siwamat range proved itself 150,000 times over in 1969 with its compact, slimline, attractively priced and premium variants. Siemens Siwamat washing machines are still sold today.[1]


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