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We are BSH
==== We are BSH ====
[[File:MCIM01943091 BSH-Technology-Center-India-Inauguration.jpg|alt=Picture of the inauguration of the BSH Technology center in India in the BSH wiki|thumb|400x400px|Inauguration of the BSH technology center on 21 November 2016 in Adugodi, India. (Source: Press fotos BSH Hausgeräte GmbH)]]
"We are BSH" was the new guiding principle for since 2016. "What drives us: We want to be the first choice for consumers worldwide. We are growing responsibly and doing our part to protect our environment and its natural resources."<ref>BSH corporate principles on (accessed: 03.03.2017)</ref> The motivation and ambition described here gave deeper meaning to the strategy and added vision to the strengths and values of the globally operating company.<ref>BSH Corporate Archives, A01-0035, Annual Report 2015, from page 4.</ref> With growth in revenue of around 11 percent to 12.6 billion euros, BSH even succeeded in surpassing the excellent growth figures of the previous year. 41 production plants in Europe, the U.S., Latin America and Asia, as well as a strong network of just under 80 sales, production and customer service companies in around 50 countries provided a strong basis for the customer-centric BSH business model.  Investment in research and development was one of the avenues pursued by BSH to ensure the continued success of the company going forward.  The year-on-year increase in share to 4 percent reflected the investment in connected home appliances as well as the global expansion of regional technology and innovation centers, such as the new technology center in Adugodi, India<ref>"BSH inaugurates Technology Center in India: Tailored products and services for regional BSH consumers," BSH PR from 11/21/2016.</ref> and the development center in the Home Appliance Park in Chuzhou, China<ref>"BSH Records Most Commercially Successful Year in Its History," BSH PR from 4/12/2016</ref>.
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