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BSH in Regensburg. (Source: Press fotos BSH Hausgeräte GmbH)

Many people want their home appliances to be easy to use. What looks uncomplicated on the outside, however, often hides a highly complicated technical interior. The integration of the Regensburg Electronics, Drives and Systems (EDS) department of Siemens AG into BSH[1] in 1998 brought the company specialists in exactly this field.

Easy use through innovative technology

"Why does a washing machine or a dishwasher even need an electronic controller?" as the employee magazine inform also asked.[2] After all, the machines have been washing for decades without this technology. Most people still recall the mechanical clicking sound of the drum controller. On the stagnating home appliance market at the start of the new millennium, innovative new functions and technologies are especially forceful sales arguments.[3] Digitization and the "Internet of Things" are also being implemented in the home appliance sector, for example, with BSH applications such as Home Connect, which was developed in Regensburg. The basis for all of these functions is an electronic controller. It controls the wash program and integrates special components such as AquaSensor, which ensures that the laundry is rinsed until the rinsing water is clear. Washing cycles are thus automatically optimized, and the machine runs in an efficient and energy-saving manner. The appliance is easier to use – and it also offers more programs. Hidden behind the one-button operation are hundreds of commands stored in one chip. BSH defines the main task of EDS in this area: ease of use through innovative technology.

BSH's Product Division Electronic Systems, Drives (PED) in Regensburg. (Source: Press fotos BSH Hausgeräte GmbH)

A product division of its own

The Electronics, Drives and Systems (EDS) department at Siemens AG originally focused on manufacturing electronic systems and sensors in the automotive sector. Since 1994, the systems developed here have also been used in the area of home appliances. At the end of 1998, EDS was taken over by BSH, as too was the manufacture of home appliance drives and pumps at the Michalovce site in Slovakia.[4] From 1999, EDS started specializing entirely in developing and manufacturing electronic systems for home appliances.[5] Alongside solutions for sensors and controlling individual home appliance, the product range also include complete panel systems. At the Michalovce factory site in Slovakia, there were around 930 employees at the time of the takeover by BSH. In Regensburg itself, 113 employees works in research and development.[6]

Collaboration between BSH and its subsidiary is organized in such a way that EDS not only produces and develops for BSH, but also for external customers. In return, BSH is free to use drive and control systems from external companies.

In 2009, EDS was raised to the status of a product division and renamed Electronics, Systems, Drives (PED).

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