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The shirt ironing machine. (Source: BSH Corporate Archives)

World premieres, impressive innovation, cutting-edge design and maximum customer benefit: That is what BSH and its brands stand for. However, this doesn’t always mean that a product will also gain market acceptance and success. BSH has produced products in recent decades that were ahead of their time and are still waiting to make that all-important breakthrough.

The shirt ironing machine

BSH presented a world innovation in fall 2003: A fully automatic shirt ironing machine that could dry and iron a shirt in seven minutes. The “Dressman” or “Shirtmaster” was the logical extension for Siemens and Bosch in the laundry care field of expertise. It cost 999 euros at the time and was launched on the market in 2003 just in time for Christmas.[1]

The Cool Caddy. (Source: BSH Corporate Archives)

For refrigerated treats in between

The Cool Caddy from Bosch was also an innovative, forward-looking product. A small portable refrigerator for serving chilled drinks wherever needed: right next to the sofa or on the patio. The Bosch Cool Caddy or Cool Keeper was launched on the market in 2000.[2]


The revolution in the kitchen no longer needed an oven door: The Siemens LiftMatic oven launched in 2005 dropped the entire floor of the oven with hinged baking trays down to counter level by means of a lift. This allowed the contents of the oven to be accessed effortlessly from three sides.[3]

Cool TV

Another idea that still hasn’t quite made it: Refrigerators with integrated flat screen or built-in CD player. BSH presented the CoolMedia appliances from Bosch and Siemens in 2004. The refrigerators offered multimedia entertainment with high image quality and perfect sound.[4]


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