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Picture of the BSH headquarters in the BSH wiki
BSH headquarters in Munich's Carl-Wery-Strasse 34. (Source:Press fotos BSH Hausgeräte GmbH)

50 years of BSH Hausgeräte GmbH

Welcome to the BSH history wiki, the information pool spanning 50 years of BSH.

The database contains texts on milestones in the company's history and in product development. The history of BSH is brought to life through historical pictures and exciting facts. This wiki was created in cooperation with the BSH Corporate Archives.

Five chronological chapters provide an overview of the company's development. You will find the key facts and figues on how the company BSH Hausgeräte GmbH evolved from Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH to become one of the world’s leading home appliance manufacturers.

We are BSH: The strengths of our company are the result of its history – a history that began long before 1967. The historical perspective sheds a new light on current issues, clarifies interrelationships and highlights developments, while always looking to the future.

We will gradually release all areas of this wiki in the course of our anniversary year. Read and discover the history and stories of BSH from the dust suction pump to the Home Connect App.

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Chronological History of BSH

1967-1978: Establishment and National Consolidation

1979-1983: National Growth

1984-2002: Sustainability and Internationalization

2003-2013: International Consolidation

2014-today: Setting a new course

The strengths of BSH

These five strengths are what make BSH unique.

Exceptional people in a strong global network

BSH employees are committed, professional and globally networked. They are the secret ingredient that drives the success of the company. BSH is represented today on all continents of the world. Using its sites in Germany as a springboard, for example, Bad Neustadt, Berlin, Bretten, Dillingen, Giengen, Traunreut and Munich, the company quickly expanded into many countries in Europe. Stepping onto the world stage was both swift and successful, with BSH appliances now also being produced and marketed in North America, Asia and South America.

Unique brand portfolio

The BSH brands convey passion and are among the strongest on the home appliance market. Not only have the core brands Bosch and Siemens been there right from the beginning in 1967, but also Constructa, famous for Germany's first fully automatic washing machine. Neff became part of BSH in 1982 with Gaggenau added to the portfolio in 1995. Backed by a long history in their own regions, Local Heroes such as Balay in Spain (1988) and Zelmer in Poland (2013) now additionally benefit from the expertise of the BSH technology centers. The brand portfolio allows BSH to offer a wide range of products for a variety of different customers and needs.

Continuous improvement mindset

The history of BSH is a history of inventions, innovations and progressive developments. The company has always aspired to exceed expectations and be the best. The corporate culture this engenders is continuously developed and optimized in the products and processes. For example, the product AquaStop has been guaranteeing reliable protection against water damage since 1985, while Zeolite drying technology allowed the then most energy-efficient dishwasher in the world to be manufactured in 2008.

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Outstanding technology and quality

The BSH products offer reliability and outstanding quality. They are developed and produced on the basis of technological expertise and in-depth knowledge of customer needs. In this respect, BSH follows the tradition of its parent companies Bosch and Siemens: The first Bosch refrigerator conquered the market in 1933, while the Siemens dedusting pump has been freeing the atmosphere of dust since 1906. Constructa, Neff and Gaggenau also contribute their expert knowledge and products to BSH and are continuing to develop them further. An example of this is downdraft ventilation from Gaggenau.

Trustful partnerships

BSH maintains longstanding and highly valued partnerships with its customers and suppliers. Collaboration is based on trust and mutual respect.

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