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Milestones of Success

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File: Gaggenau_Combi-steam_oven_cleaning_system_master_01_klein.jpg|''2015 Cleaning system for the Gaggenau 400 series'' <br> <br> '''Ovens are cleaning themselves''' <br> As an exclusive world first, Gaggenau presents a [[Gaggenau combi-steam oven|fully automatic cleaning system for all 400 series steam ovens]] with a direct connection to the water supply. The steam chamber is cleaned hygienically with a cleaning cartridge and water. <br> <br>
File: 2016 Bosch OptiMUM Pressebild.jpg|''2016 Bosch OptiMUM food processor'' <br> <br> '''The culmination of many years of experience''' <br> Functionality, user-friendliness and design – Bosch pours all of its 60 years of experience in food processors into the design of the OptiMUM. With an integrated scale, timer and advanced sensor technology, it takes on more tasks than any Bosch food processor has ever managed before – and thanks to its automatic programs, it does all of this independently. <br> <br>
File: 20_Milestone_ActiveHumidity2016_Milestone_ActiveHumidity.jpg|''2016 Siemens Active Humidity'' <br> <br> '''Active Storage Humidification''' <br> Refrigerators with active storage humidificationn inject a fine watery mist into the vegetable drawer. Like in grocery stores, the additional humidity creates an optimal climate to allow for best freshness results for a longer period. Fresh produce retain their vitamins longer whilst keeping their typical aroma, crispines and color. <br> <br>

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