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Apprentice in the production line in Giengen, around 1965. (Source: BSH Corporate Archives)

Training, further education and employee development are among the most important forward-looking measures to be advocated by BSH[1]. BSH HR Development at BSH invests in this area so that it can provide offerings of a consistently high level. As an attractive employer, BSH offers apprenticeships for a wide range of technical and commercial professions. Sound talent management and target group-specific training programs guarantee individual advancement for motivated employees.[2]

New homegrown talent

Bosch and Siemens have practically been training their own new homegrown talent since their foundation. And even after BSH was established, training and education continued almost unchanged in the different operations. Apprentices are trained by BSH in technical, industrial and commercial professions at the individual sites – in close collaboration with the Bosch and Siemens parent companies. In the 1980s, BSH began training junior management staff in commercial professions completely independently. The first of these cohorts of industrial business managers successfully completed their training at BSH headquarters in 1984.[3]

On completion of their training, the new junior staff were generally taken on. It was only during a brief period in the late 1970s that the company provided training over and above its internal capacities in a bid to tackle youth unemployment.[4]

Girls' Day

As in the remainder of Germany, the technical and commercial apprenticeships at BSH remained an exclusively male domain for a long time.

When two women among the 324 trainees commenced industrial training at BSH in the plant in Giengen in September 1979 for the first time, this was marked ceremoniously in the company magazine inform and by the production manager in Giengen.[5]

To improve the gender balance, BSH began participating in the "Girls' Day" initiative in 2001, an annual event organized nationwide. The event provided girls from 5th to 10th grade with an insight into the development labs, workshops and technical departments at BSH.[6]

International training & education

The proven training concept based on the German dual-track approach was also adopted by BSH at its international sites. Junior management staff in China began receiving instruction at a purpose-built training workshop and vocational school in China in 1997, initially as part of the joint venture. The model was also adopted at the sites in Turkey in 2000.[7] BSH joined forces with suppliers in 2007 to launch a program to train skilled workers in the Polish city of Lodz.[8]


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