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==== We are BSH ====
[[File:MCIM01943091 BSH-Technology-Center-India-Inauguration.jpg|alt=Picture of the inauguration of the BSH Technology center in India in the BSH wiki|thumb|400x400px|Inauguration of the BSH technology center on 21 November 2016 in Adugodi, India. (Source: Press fotos BSH Hausgeräte GmbH)]]
"We are BSH" was the new guiding principle since 2016. "What drives us: We want to be the first choice for consumers worldwide. We are growing responsibly and doing our part to protect our environment and its natural resources."<ref>BSH corporate principles on (accessed: 03.03.2017)</ref> The motivation and ambition described here gave deeper meaning to the strategy and added vision to the strengths and values of the globally operating company.<ref>BSH Corporate Archives, A01-0035, Annual Report 2015, from page 4.</ref> With growth in revenue In 2017, the BSH startup WeWash digitalized the laundry room. A combination of software and hardware made washing and drying cycles made smarter and more efficient for users. <ref>BSH Press Release of around 11 percent 04/25/2017.</ref> Since June 2017, consumers have been able to 12.6 billion eurosget advice in the brand rooms at the Munich training and conference center in Munich, and also have the opportunity to experience the BSH even succeeded home appliances in action here in surpassing the excellent growth figures showrooms. <ref>BSH Press Release of 06/06/2017.</ref> In the previous yearfall, BSH Hausgeräte opened two new factories in Poland, at which around two million appliances would be produced. 41 production plants <ref>BSH Press Release September 2017</ref> BSH Hausgeräte celebrated four anniversaries in Europe2017: BSH celebrated its 50th anniversary, as did the U.S.vacuum cleaner factory in Bad Neustadt, Latin America and Asia, as well as a strong network the Giengen site celebrated not only the milestone of just under 80 salesmillion cooling appliances produced, production but also its 70-year anniversary.<ref>BSH Press Release of 07/03/2017 and customer service companies BSH Press Release of 07/05/2017.</ref> In January 2018, BSH in around 50 countries provided Giengen commissioned a strong basis completely new production line. A barcode scan enabled appliances to be identified right from the first production step for the customeraround 250,000 built-centric in refrigerators per year. <ref>BSH business modelPress Release January 2018.</ref> In the summer of 2018, a new logistics building was opened at the Traunreut site.  Investment The hall, measuring 9,000 m2 in size, was for the increased demand for finished products made in research Germany.<ref>BSH Press Release June 2018.</ref> A hall extension for around 200,000 appliances at the BSH site in Nauen also celebrated its topping-out ceremony, a new development and administration building for around 230 workplaces was inaugurated at the Traunreut site, and development a new logistics building for 40,000 appliances was one opened in Dillingen.<ref>BSH Press Release July 2018 and BSH Press Release September 2018.</ref> In the fall of 2018, BSH set another milestone for the avenues pursued by BSH to ensure connected kitchen with its own Home Connect appearance at IFA, strengthening the importance of the cross-brand connectivity platform. And Kitchen Stories made its first appearance at IFA as the continued success youngest member of the company going forwardBSH brand family. <ref>BSH Press Release August 2018.</ref> On March 1, 2019, Silke Maurer was appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO) of BSH Hausgeräte GmbH.  The year-on-year increase in share to 4 percent reflected She is responsible for the investment in connected home appliances areas of manufacturing, development and innovation, as well as the global expansion of regional corporate technology and innovation centersglobal supply chain management.<ref> BSH Press Release March 2019.</ref> On July 1, 2019, such as Uwe Raschke became the new technology center in AdugodiCEO of BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, while continuing to perform his duties on the Bosch Board of Management. Dr. Karsten Ottenberg left BSH on his own request effective June 30, 2019, and CFO Johannes Närger retired effective June 30, India2019. <ref>"BSH inaugurates Technology Center Press Release July 2019.</ref>  In 2019, BSH and Techstars launched the Accelerator program for the “home of the future” in India: Tailored products Munich. The startup program focuses on ideas relating to the future home and services for regional the smart kitchen.<ref> BSH consumers," BSH PR from 11/21/2016Press Release February 2019.</ref> and  In the development center in summer of 2020, BSH Hausgeräte GmbH launched virtual brand platforms due to the Home Appliance Park in ChuzhouCovid-19 pandemic. These offer detailed information, lots of moving images, tailor-made solutions, Chinaand special PoS offers. <ref>"BSH Records Most Commercially Successful Year Press Release July 2020.</ref>Effective July 1, 2020, Dr. Carla Kriwet took over as Chairwoman of the BSH Board of Management. That meant that for the first time in Its Historythe company’s history," two of the four board members are now women. Kriwet moved to BSH PR from 4the health technology company Philips.<ref> BSH Press Release 01/1228/20162018.</ref> In 2020, BSH achieved turnover of 13,9 billion euros. Worldwide, some 60.000 employees, 38 production plants in Europe, the U.S., Latin America and Asia, as well as a strong network of more than 80 sales, production and customer service companies in around 50 countries are the basis for the customer-centric BSH business model. With a share of 3,5 percent for investments in research and development, this remained at a high level – the focus here continued to be on digital technologies. Since the start of 2021, BSH Hausgeräte GmbH has been working together with the World Food Programme (WFP) of the United Nations to achieve a world without hunger. BSH also works in Germany with the organization JOBLINGE to jointly combat youth unemployment
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