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The history of BSH is a history of inventions, innovations and progressive developments. The company has always aspired to exceed expectations and be the best. The corporate culture this engenders is continuously developed and optimized in the products and processes. For example, the product AquaStop has been guaranteeing reliable protection against water damage since 1985, while Zeolite drying technology allowed the then most energy-efficient dishwasher in the world to be manufactured in 2008. Further innovative products and technologies from BSH can be found here.

Year Selected innovations from BSH
1958 Europe's first induction cooktop and BSH induction cooktops
1972 The first self-cleaning oven with pyrolysis in Germany
1985 The first dishwasher with AquaStop
1996 The first dishwasher with AquaSensor
2008 The first dishwasher with zeolite drying