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Picture of the first Bosch refrigerator in the BSH wiki.
The first Bosch refrigerator in an advertisment display, 1933. (Source: Robert Bosch GmbH - Corporate Archives, signature 6 001 05871)

The BSH brands convey passion and are among the strongest on the home appliance market. Not only have the Global Brands Bosch and Siemens been there right from the beginning in 1967, but also Constructa, famous for Germany's first fully automatic washing machine. Neff became part of BSH in 1982 with Gaggenau added to the portfolio in 1995. Backed by a long history in their own regions, Local Heroes such as Balay in Spain (1988) and Zelmer in Poland (2013) now additionally benefit from the expertise of the BSH technology centers. The brand portfolio allows BSH to offer a wide range of products for a variety of different customers and needs.

Global Brands

Local Heroes